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Holiday Destinations

Summer is in full swing, heat urges us to seek a place as cool and thought we fly just leave. Romanian seaside are many who quit were directed either to the Greek islands or the seaside resorts of Bulgaria or Turkey. However, there are other exotic destinations to which Romanians can straighten this summer, eager to spend their vacation in a special place. We will present below some vacation coupons for bed bath and beyond destinations worth taking into account.

Budva is a town on the coast of Montenegro, has about 15,000 inhabitants and the area surrounding the town, called Budvanska rivijera is the tourist center of Montenegro.

The area is known for its beautiful beaches, nightlife and Mediterranean architecture that steals your eye at every turn, making this resort both for fun and relaxation right one, and one where you can enjoy if you are fond of historical details.

Historical attractions are found mainly in Budva Old Town. The resort is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast, with about 2500 years old. The most famous is the Mogren beach resort, which is situated between several rocks quite high.

Other beaches are very visited and Pizana, Slovensla Plaza, Ricardova glava, but smaller ones are found on the outskirts of the resort, in different villages located on the coast.

Tenerife belongs to the Canary Islands, the largest island of this, has a length of 80 km, 50 km wide and coupons for bed bath and beyond reach 2034.38 km ². Also, Tenerife is the most populated island of the islands belonging to Spain.

Only when you say my name you think of a vacation resort dream on a sandy beach, clean water, sitting relaxed in a palm tree somewhere.

Tenerife is an option taken into account by many tourists every year when it comes to holiday destinations. Here is found the peak Teide, which is the highest peak of Spain and the third volcano on Earth after Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

Another holiday destination for those who want something exotic, is Palma de Mallorca. The city is the capital of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands located off the east coast of Spain.

Palma de Mallorca population reached a total of 400,000 in early 2007. Most inhabitants live in the capital of Majorca. The name "Palma" comes coupons for bed bath and beyond from the Roman period, when they settled here.

In Palma de Mallorca, especially in the summer, it is impossible to get bored. There are many festivals that are held each year, are always awaits tourists beaches, castles and churches are loaded with tradition and many other sights.

Bellver Castle is built on the ruins of a Muslim site, and there may be visited an archaeological museum, where there are various classical sculptures. Castle that dates back to the XIV century and is one of the most remarkable castles in Spain.

For nightlife is recommended to go to Paseo Maritimo, the area along the harbor, overlooking the ocean, where all boats and yachts. Here are most of the bars, pubs and clubs.

It is a resort town which is located in the western part of Portugal, on the Atlantic shore. Cascais is a kind of suburb of Lisbon, and in the past was a simple fishing port. It became a renowned resort. The settlement is attested as early as the twelfth century, and for a very long time, people here have lived only in fishing.

Today, located just a few tens of kilometers from Lisbon, is a place of escape for residents of the Portuguese capital, especially on weekends, but is increasingly coupons for bed bath and beyond visited by tourists who have started to cross Cascais destination list vacation.

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Endangered tribes

There are some people around the world who entrust themselves to their culture and values ​​and want to keep the old style of life, struggling to resist modernity to change. We give here such as some tribes in the Amazon rainforest discovered recently, faced with the possibility of disappearance are mysterious tribes in India which refuses any contact with the outside world.

There are also old people in the Philippines who starve their forests that government policy does nothing in this regard. These cases do nothing but prove us that people have not changed at all from what they were in the colonial period. These areas inhabited ultimately people should be protected, not slaughtered. More and more tribes are endangered.

This tribe in India is named by the media as the most isolated tribe in the world. They live on a small island, island Sentinel, and their number is unknown. The census made in 2001 in India, it was found that there were 39 people - 21 men and 18 women.

Is said to reside in the territory of 60,000 years. In 2004, when the tsunami devastated the Indian Ocean coast, everyone thought sentinels group did not survive, but when they went to find them and help give them a beach have appeared and began to throw arrows at helicopter.

The members of this tribe are known as "cousins ​​of the Sentilese", they live on one of the Andaman Islands. Their number depasteste 350 people. They had no contact with other civilizations until 1997 when they came out for the first time in the forest and visited a local community. They very quickly got sick of measles.

Also, because they have avoided a lot of interaction with other people, many social features and cultural aspects are very difficult to understand. Their name means "foreign". Today the Jarawa tribe became a kind of tourist attraction and despite the rules set by the government, which prohibit such contacts are some companies that often leads tourists to see and photograph these "foreigners" which preserve bitter traditions.

This is a tribe who do not know much, one of 5 in the area and was photographed in 2008 in an accident. Someone made some pictures from a helicopter flying in the area. Seeing helicopter tribesmen were ready to defend women and children, fearful of intruders. This year, the group was seen and photographed again.

A somewhat faithful translation of the name of the tribe as "people of the place of wild pigs." They live in Chaco, a very isolated area and not friendly, covered by forests. Decreased the population of this tribe because they were forced out of the tribe or from diseases brought by the invaders, diseases for which they did not produce antibodies. Even today do not know the members of the tribe who lead a nomadic life.

Awa tribe or Guaja is one of the last nomadic hunter tribes in Brazil. There are more than 60 Awa who have no contact with the outside. Those who came into contact with other civilizations refused to adapt to the conditions of their territory and preferred to keep their ancient style of life. Even if they live in places legally recognized, they get to stay in a more restricted and farmers invading their land to cut trees in the area.
Man from hole

Last survivor of an unknown tribe lives alone in a small place like the surface of the Amazon rainforest. Do not know the name of this tribe or what happened to him over time. Anthropologists have tried to contact the survivor for the past 15 years, but it has respeins. Trying to protect him, authorities determined that the area is not allowed one. This does not mean that some have tried to get there illegally. In 2009 someone tried to shoot him, but failed.


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